Warmcel - Insulation for walls, floors and roofs - manufactured from 100% recycled newsprint
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Goldthorpe - South Yorkshire

Rogiet School

Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry (DAFF)

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Goldthorpe - South Yorkshire
Airtight insulation is the key to meeting the new, tougher Part L regulations on CO2 emissions from new buildings. The Goldthorpe development can be seen as proof of WARMCEL’s airtight properties –low air permeability combined with complete void fill during installation.

Client Chevin Housing Association appointed HRS Services to undertake ‘Envelope Airtightness Testing’ on the finished build. At 50Pa, the testing returned an air leakage result of just 1.5m3/hr/m2; considerably better than the target of 8m3/hr/m2 required by the new Part L regulations.

The project achieved CfSH Level 3 without any requirement for additional (and potentially costly and maintenance-heavy) technologies such as solar panels or ground source heat pumps.

Rogiet School
Environmentally-friendly WARMCEL insulation has helped Rogiet School, Monmouthshire, become the highest BREEAM-rated school in the UK.

The project has won the ‘BREEAM Schools Award 2010’, with an Excellent rating of 78.18% (the highest ever for a UK school), as well as Constructing Excellence In Wales awards for ‘Integration & Collaborative Working’ and ‘Innovation’, plus a National Constructing Excellence Award for ‘Integration & Collaborative Working’.

As well as sequestering carbon, the use of airtight WARMCEL insulation also ensures a low energy footprint for the life of the building.

Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry (DAFF)
Excel Industries’ WARMCEL-insulated TRADIS system has been installed as part of the £4.6m construction of the Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry (DAFF)’s new Isle of Man headquarters.

Timber frame manufacturer Eden Frame constructed the TRADIS panels and installed the WARMCEL 500 insulation - which has ‘better than zero carbon’ properties and is manufactured from 100% recycled newspaper - offsite, prior to transport. This system leads to incredibly fast construction turnaround and guaranteed quality control as well as the inherent environmental benefits of using timber framing and WARMCEL insulation.

Warmcel - Insulation design with the environment in mind!

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