Warmcel - Insulation for walls, floors and roofs - manufactured from 100% recycled newsprint
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Installing Warmcel

Walls - Open Panel Structures
For open panel walls with vapour-permeable external sheathing (which are insulated prior to installation of internal sheathing), WARMCEL 500 may be damp spray applied.

Once sprayed, it is levelled off to the depth of the studs, ensuring the wall is completely filled with no air pockets or voids - even around pipework, wiring or other obstructions. Moisture naturally dries out through the sheathing within a few days.

Lofts - Traditional and Timber Frame Structures
WARMCEL can be used to insulate all types of lofts.
The insulation is pumped through a hose attached to the fibre delivery system, allowing access to restricted spaces such as shallow eaves, or through small loft openings.

Cavities - Closed Panel Structures
WARMCEL 500 is installed for closed panel structures - including walls, floors and sloping roofs - using the TurboFill injection system.

The TurboFill nozzle is docked with the panel by means of pre-drilled access holes, through which the WARMCEL 500 is injected. An ingenious pressure-sensing system ensures the void is completely filled to the correct density for optimum performance.

Because the insulation process is entirely discrete and unobtrusive it can be undertaken at the same time as other trades are working, so not impacting on the build programme.

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Warmcel - Insulation design with the environment in mind!

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